Above - "Now and Then" - Alan Brooks 2018

---| implanting of machine forces into humans |---

Man will, in time, manage to implant the death-forces in man, related to
electrical and magnetic forces, with external machines. He will then be
able to direct his intentions, his thoughts into the machine.

(Rudolf Steiner, Individuelle Geistwesen und einheitlicher
Weltengrund, November 25, 1917, Dornach)

Below describes a more positive and responsive way forward for those with eyes to "see"

---| two ways to proceed |---

When as human beings today we consider what should happen in the social
sphere or in any other field, there are two ways of doing this.

We can construct a programme, form programmatic concepts, and think out
how the world should develop in a certain area. We can present this in
beautiful sounding words. We can swear by these words and take them as
dogmas--but nothing will result from them, nothing at all! We can have the
most beautiful ideas about what ought to happen, but nothing will come of
them. For ideas, however beautiful, need not result in anything. In fact,
contrived programmes are the most worthless things in life.

But there is another way of proceeding. We can do something in contrast to
this programmatic approach, and many people achieve it without any special
clairvoyance. Out of a naive intuitive knowledge of the condition of the
times, can we simply ask ourselves what is bound to happen in the next
twenty or thirty years? What in our time wishes to become reality? Then,
once we have discovered what will inevitably happen, we can say to
ourselves: 'Now we must choose. We can either come to our senses and guide
the course of events in the direction they must inevitably take--in which
case matters will turn out well; or we can fail to do this and allow
matters to run their course--in which case we are asleep, simply not
awake. And then the course of events will be brought about by
'catastrophes'. In that case, revolutions, cataclysms, and so forth will
follow. No statistics, no programmes, however well thought out, are of any
value. The only thing of value is observation of what the times engender.
What the times engender must be taken up, must be penetrated: the
intentions of the present time must be governed by this.

(Rudolf Steiner, The Mission of the Archangel Michael,
pp. 133-54*, MŸnich, February 17, 1918).


Okay - so on my way to get the pics I was going to post I came upon this one I made of Pink Floyd instead. A 1968 Pink Floyd, with Syd Barrett. I'll go with that!
Colored pencil on pastel paper.

I found this drawing I made of Jeff Lynne. Must have been four or five years back now. I try to do pencil drawings as and when I can - and especially of bands from the seventies and from my "neck of the woods" - Birmingham England, where I was born. I'll be putting some pieces up of Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi and The Move in the next day or so. All fellow "Brummies."

I am interested in doing music based artworks again. I have taken a break for the past nine months or so while we have been settling in. I now would like to reactivate myself with all things Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Prog Rock, Hard Rock - and the like. Please take a look around and if you have any interesting ideas for commissions - or you see anything on display that might already be to your liking for a band piece - cover - logo etc. - please let me know. Drop me an email and we can arrange a call to work things out. I'll be posting more over the next few days and weeks, so stay tuned. Onwards and Upwards.

The above paintings were made when I was 13 / 14 years old.

1 and 2 - Space Messages - Transmission / Reception.

Another picture of a dear friend who "passed away" last week. Brum - from the series of pictures, drawings and paintings which made up the "Brum in Brooksville" Adventure story for children of all ages http://alanbrooksart.blogspot.com/2021/01/brum-20th-january-2021-forever.html

Two more 10 x 8 pencil drawings made for the Jax project. I am extending my offer of reduced rate pencil drawings throughout August. For further information, or to request a picture of your dog, cat or any animal – call 352 597 9240 or email alanbrooksville@hushmail.com