Mark King / Level 42 / caricature / promotional

"Morgana" - Morgan La Fay - Legend of King Arthur

Magic Tree Circle

"The Once and Future King"


“Totem Recall”
Available as a High Quality Giclee Print.

Winter Omen - Camelot - The Once and Future King

"Lion - of iron, silver and tin"

"Supernature" - #1

Welsh Border – “Into the sun, the south, the north,
at last the birds have flown” . . . Robert Plant.

"The Sword in the Stone" - 1.

“Sherwood oak and Lincoln green.” print available

“Stone Star Forever” print available

“Boundaries and Beyond” Print available.

“EMBERS” – print available.


“JP – 69” – Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin. Print available

“Ending" – Spirit, Randy California, from the album Future Games, Jack Bond and the Time Coast – Tampa. print available

“Jimi Hendrix” – cover art started in the mid eighties for Polydor Records. Unfortunately the project was abandoned for reasons unknown. Pencil, inks, airbrush, pen and washes. Print available

“The Forest Sprite.” – from Cornish faery lore.
Available as High Quality Giclee Print.

“Victorian View Finder” – time viewing device peers into the future via a decorative glass crystal frequency converter. print available

“The Chalice Well, Magnesium and the secret of Green”
stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Available as High Quality Giclee Print.

"Dolphin Sunset" – Sun Coast Florida
print available


2018 – 2019. Traditional, Mixed Media and Digital Artworks for print.

All artworks are available as a High Quality Giclee print and at various sizes.

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Creator, Designer, Photographer, Painter and Illustrator.




2018 – 2019