Doctor Clockheart

“Break in – Break out” – page art.

Poster / theme

“Infiltrate” page art

“Neo London” – Inner city riots – page art.

“Breakaway” – exodus of earth fragments / cities – page art.

“Time Lab Interiors” – page art.

“Dr Clockheart” – Teaser poster #1

“Prepare for crash landing” – page art.

Character concept. Group #1

“Exodus” – migratory and fragmented pieces of earth are retro-fitted and flown to safer regions away from the cities.

“Royd” in jet pack speeds to the Zeppelin fires.

“Static Changes” – environment concept.

“Mind slip – Time slip experiments” – page art

“Neo London” – page art.

Confrontation . . .

“Turmoil and daily conflict”

Ship’s Navigator page art from comic / graphic novel

Ship’s Navigator page art from comic / graphic novel – 2

“Inner city and guard” – concept

“Dr Clockheart” – teaser poster #1 – Alan Brooks

Frontispiece / Introductory Poster to the Dr Clockheart project at Alan Brooks Design. Alan Brooks / Jay Brooks.

“Mugshots!” – bad guys, cyberpunks, hybrids and bio-humanoids.
bit part characters from the story.

“Transport Platforms” – page art.

Inner city – “monorail and cityscape”
page art

Page art – “The Mechanics of Time.”

More “mugshots, character shots”
Dr Clockheart.

page art

logo / teaser poster / branding - RET ROMANNE

page / cover / alternative

page / cover / alternative



“The Look Out” – panel art. / Graphic Novel Promo – "Dr Clockheart.


Dr Clockheart is a labor of love. I have been working on it since around 2009, with Jay Brooks.

An alternate 1984. A world where confusion reigns, sedation wins, regimentation rules, conformity is paramount – and everyone is asleep.

More detail on Dr Clockheart can be found at . . .

Prints available of all artwork shown in this gallery.


Alan Brooks, writer and artist. Jay Brooks 3d and additional concept art.


Alan Brooks Design


2009 – 2018 – ongoing . . .


Graphic Novel, Promotional Art, Animated movie short.