Art / Illustration and Design

Face It

Portraits / Group portrait / made for “Generation Axe” – Tosin Abasi, Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt – poster, Facebook, website identity art.

“Hanna” – movie promotional poster – Focus Features.

Tour Poster and PASS.

Band "Special" 1.

“Ring of Changes” – Band Portraits. Barclay James Harvest. Polydor Records.

“The Chinese Way” Level 42. 1982 - airbrush painting - watercolor and inks on board

“Out of Sight Out of Mind” Level 42. 1983 - airbrush painting on board. watercolor and inks.
7 and 12 inch sleeve.
High quality Giclee Print

Caricature / Mark King, Level 42

“Level 42” logo. “Retroglide” – Mark King. W14. Universal Music.

Part of promo for Tee’s – Des Kiraz / Deth Killers Motorcycle Club etc.

Road House designed for “Deth Killers of Brunswick” M.C.

“Deth Killers of Brunswick” – Tee design for Motorcycle Chapter.

Full artwork for two Tee’s of the Road House and environment . . .

"Des Kiraz"

[Hidden Faces]
High quality Giclee Print

Some of the Retroglide [album] Booklet artworks revisited – left to right are 1. Dive into the Sun. 2. Retroglide. 3. All Around. 4.The Way Back Home. 5. Rooted. 6. Just For you. 7. Clouds. 8. Ship.
High quality Giclee Print


Steve Vai – “Blues for Dust” cover art.

“Totem Recoil”
print available

“Close Up Kings” – Poster – Syfy TV Channel

FINMAN – “The Collector” – album concept –
print available

POSITIVITREE – “Tree of Life Creative Art Workshop” 1.

CURIOSITREE – “Tree of Life Creative Art Workshop” 2.

Earth Optic - Clear #1

WAIT – cover art

SUN – ornate branding.
High quality Giclee Print

“John Lennon"
print available

Smokin' – character design

“R4” – animated logo for a re telling of the Arthurian legend.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – 40th Anniversary –
my first professional illustration –
now in a deluxe vinyl release #1

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – 40th Anniversary –
my first professional illustration –
now in a deluxe vinyl release #2

sleeve from 1984 - airbrush on board. Watercolor and inks.

Level 42 “Eternity” promotional piece.

WD – Western Digital – Display Poster and Page Ad

Steve Vai – concept piece – album

Logo / Identity for Show stables.

Level 42 – “Retroglide” – Mark King W14. Universal.

"Honey” 16 x 20 inches. Mixed media


Painting and digital painting works – but more graphic design based. For various clients and design groups.


Art direct, design and create the pieces displayed.


Miles Copeland, Steve Vai, Polydor, Focus, Universal Music, W14, Mark King, Tree of Life and more


2016 2017 2018


Various – posters, logo, Tee’s, promotional materials.