Book Jackets / Publishing Artworks

Air War - cover concept. TOR Books

“Out Here / Communion”

Watch Forever . . St Martins Gate.

“Seal of the Worm” – digital painting – Tor Books

“Wonder Woman” – Promotional. Now in the collection of Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins. 2017..

“Hell and High Water” – the truth about “space” . . .

#3 Horror, Fantasy
Interior book illustration

#2 Horror, Fantasy
Interior book illustration

The Sea Thy Mistress – Tor Books

Computerworld - Cyber Slaves.
Cover concept.

Bloodlines – alternate cover – “Depth Charge” – Capstone Publishing.

“The Third Kingdom” – Terry Goodkind – paperback cover art. LEGEND OF THE SEEKER

“War Gate” . . . concept for cover art

#1 Horror, Fantasy interior book illustration

My “take” on the Joker.

Batman / Bat Cave.

“Emperor” – number one in alternate timeline series. Ace Books.

After the Joker . . second take.

“The Project” – Brian Falkner – Random House

“Task Force” – Brian Falkner – Random House

“The Assault” – Brian Falkner – Random House.

“Hotwire” – Cover art – Radical Publishing.

One of several illustrations for the Weekly Reader and their adaptation of George Orwell’s “1984” Novel.

“Behind the scenes” – social engineering and manipulation in music.

“A House Divided”

“The Mercenary” – jacket art.

“Gladely” – Wizard stand off – Cathedral grounds.

“Heart of England” – The Sword in the Stone.

“Flying Saucers vs the Earth” – Ray Harryhausen project.

“The Haunted – The Hunted”


“Hotwire 1” – Cover art – Radical Publishing.

“The Wolves Winter Window”

“Bloodlines – Damage Control” – cover art – Capstone Publishing.

“The Dark Story Of . . Dr Clockheart” – Alan Brooks.

“Ret Romanne – The Invisinator” Cover art

“Blood of the Mantis” – Tor Books

“Salute the Dark” – Tor Books

“War Master’s Gate” –
Tor Books

“Sea Watch” – Adrian Tchaikovsky cover art – Tor Books

“Shrapnel 4” – Cover art – Radical Publishing.

“Freedom Formula 5” – Cover art – Radical Publishing.

“Bloodlines – Depth Charge” – cover art – Capstone Publishing.

“Hotwire 3” – Cover art. Radical Publishing.

“The Green Man” – Pulp series

“The Meeting Place” – Pulp series

“Decay” – Pulp series

“Flying Saucers Have Landed” – Harryhausen project – Pulp series

Background art for 3d movie short – “Tree Shade”

Author’s sketch / guide, for Sea Watch character. Cover art.

My interpretation of the author sketch / guide for a character of his in the book Sea Watch. Cover art. Tor Books

“World of the Wars”

“Retro Man” – B Movie poster – concept 2.

Flying Saucers vs the Earth – Ray Harryhausen project



“Jet Paxon” – Background art for the children’s book and animated movie short.

“Inkwell Star Flight”

Modern Primitive concept – Steve Vai.

Tomorrow Girls #4 cover art

Flying Saucers – Harryhausen cover art

TOO DARK . . .

Satriani – Surfin' –

Joe Satriani – untitled #4

“Journey – school daze 1” – Print available.

One from Memory Lane . . . gouache on illustration board.1983 I think.
Sleeve art, Godley and Creme. Polydor Records.

Voodoo Headset

Joe Satriani – “Blue Dream”

Hotwire 4

“Flying Saucers vs the Earth” – Ray Harryhausen project.

Cover art – DAW Publications



Some of my book jacket and comic related pieces for both the USA and UK publishing houses.


Art Direction, Digital and traditional Illustration, Photography.


Scholastic, Tor, Random House, Ace, Capstone, Radical Publishing, St Martins Press, Forge and more


2010 – 2018


Posters, Promotional art, Book and Comic related pieces.