Jet Paxon

Jet navigates his way through a time portal. Looks like a close fit too !
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“Jet Paxon” – storybook and movie character. A boy and his rocket pack – and their adventures through time and space!
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Jet patrolling the skies above the neighborhood.
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“Jet” – Character design sheet – Jay Brooks

When you test the rocket pack for the very first time, make sure you don’t press the start button too SOOOOOOOOOOON ! ! !
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No flying today


“Jet” Paxon – the flying boy is a children’s adventure created by Jay Brooks at Alan Brooks Design.

Models, concepts and storyline are developed by Jay Brooks. FX and finishing is by Alan Brooks.

“Jet” Paxon is an exciting romp through the “space” we grew up with in the cartoons of our childhood. At the same time it pushes the boundaries with some clever twists and turns of it’s own.


Jay Brooks and Alan Brooks, creators, model makers, photographers and artists for the series.


Alan Brooks Design


2017 – 2018


Children’s Story Book.