Children and Young Adult Projects

The Clockmaker and Brum – from "Brum’s Big Adventure.
print available

“A big day ahead”
print available

“Tomorrow Girls” – final book in the series – Scholastic Books.
Cover art

“You’ve been Framed” – trapped in the Art Museum!
print available

“Evie Investigates”- dog sleuth extraordinaire.
print available

“Tomorrow Girls 3” – cover concept – Scholastic Books.

One of several illustrations for the Weekly Reader story about a boy who daydreams about getting to the summer holidays and flying through the skies with his dog – and you guessed it – the day arrives when HE DOES!

“The Boy Knight’s Quest”
print available

“Set the Captives Free!” – Pictorial narratives and visual interpretations of Bible passages for children. #1
print available

“The Beginning” – Everybody Has One . . .
print available

“The Moon Girl’s Deception” – Young Adult concept piece.

“Castle High” – concept art for children’s collection.
print available

“The Princess and the Apple” – Children’s Story Collection.

“Romany, the aeronautical stunt dog”- High Flying Fun, indeed!
print available

“9” – Bee robot – Jay Brooks 3D

“Tom Corbett” – Jay Brooks 3D modelling, concept / design.

“Little Annie”

Finman 2 – "Touch Down!”

“Dragon” – Underground Cave.



Harryhausen project

Brum Adventure


Various artworks I have made for children and young adults


Artist, Illustrator, designer.




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Cover art, picture book illustrations,