Photography and Photographic Design Works

“HYBRID” – Lion Man

Portraits / Group portrait / made for “Generation Axe” – Tosin Abasi, Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt – poster, Facebook, website identity art.

Frantic Attic – Joe Robinson project.

TransVAImation . . . concepts for project with Steve Vai

“Four Elements” – Standing Stones and Guitar.

“Green Forest Setting” – Steve Vai project – concept piece.

The Photographs before reworking in the following picture – Band promotional piece

The final piece constructed from the three pictures in the piece prior to this one

“G.A.” Promotional / Tour piece.

“Free Fall”


“Dreamscape 1”

Detail from “Generation Axe” portraits

“The Look Out” – panel art. / Graphic Novel Promo – "Dr Clockheart.

From Nowhere to Now Here.

Steve v A. I. Head Set. Concept piece – Modern Primitive.

Frank Zappa – “Metal Fish Head”

Zakk Wylde – “Generation Axe”- portrait design concept.

John Jorgenson – A simple head and shoulders shot from management was worked into and the guitarist was “framed” within a fanciful construct of decorative and ornate objects and subject matter.

Jimi Hendrix – “Merman. . ." concept

Concept 1 – “Hanna” movie poster Focus Features.

Concept 2 – “Hanna” movie poster. Focus Features.


Photographic design and digital high end image manipulation.


Art director, designer, photographer and digital painter for projects.




. . . ongoing


various – posters, advertising, promotional, publishing.